By Whena Owen

It is about that time of year to get or receive your calendar for the next year.

There is always a vast range to choose from and, of course, lots of individuals and organisations are making their own novelty calendars.

A group of elderly rest home residents in Taranaki have done just that.

A naked calendar you might wonder? Seniors on Harleys? No. This rest home has taken its elderly to the cemetery.

Taking it easy is what rest home life is all about, but this is not your average rest home.

The management are determined that the standard identity mugshots of their residents are not their last images.

“We all take a photograph for the drug sheets and when we’re gone, we give that to the family. That’s kind of sad. Yes it is. That’s where the idea for the calendar came from,” says Pat Wynd.

Yes, the cemetery is the theme of calendar and the rest home residents are angels in it.

Pat says it is all about celebrating life, and having a good time dressing up as angels.

“They’re absolutely beautiful,” says Pat.

Twelve residents have volunteered to be angels, and three rest home dogs will also get to be angels.

Despite the cemetery setting seeming a little morbid, Don Taylor, a resident at the rest home, is not fussed.

“It’s the last thing to worry about, all going to end up there. I’m going to be under a rose bush and someone on the bus says they want to end up in the sea.”

With everyone in costume, acclaimed local photographer Rob Tucker starts to direct the shoot.

So 12 New Plymouth angels change back into their mortal garb and return to the home where a well earned cup of tea awaits them.

Now they will eagerly await their graveyard calendars and the reaction of their families when they receive it for Christmas.

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